5 of my favourite ways to take a break and destress.

Hi there and welcome to day six of the February Self Love challenge! If you haven't seen I have teamed up with 5 other bloggers to bring you some self-love tips, tricks and advice throughout February! As someone who is always telling other people to take a break, I seem to never listen to my own advice. Here are some of my favourite ways to destress.

1) Do stuff that feels good, for you.

Whatever that may be. Make time for yourself and what you actually enjoy doing. This month I am making a conscious decision to listen to myself and my needs. Life can be so overwhelming, and often we forget to find time for things we enjoy. Self-care can be as small as reading a chapter of your favourite book or doing a face mask.

Taking small steps every day, every week will naturally increase your mood. When you are finding life that little bit harder, step back from the situation and come at it later with a fresh mind. While a lot of people stress that exercise is the key to self-care, I find it much more important to focus on something you enjoy. Personally, I'm not a gym bunny and when I feel like I 'have' to go, I often feel more stressed out than I did in the first place.

One thing I love to do is take time out with family. I have a 3-year-old sister who is always looking for fun. Sometimes sitting down with her and painting our nails is just enough to clear your mind. This week she has had a couple of days off school due to sickness so we've been watching all the Disney movies, and even the Grinch (yes in February!)

2) Go for a drive or a walk.

Leave the house, get some fresh air. Whether that's a hike or a drive where you don't leave the car. Removing yourself temporarily from the situation can sometimes make you have a different outlook when you return to it. I also love this because it breaks routine. Although I like having a schedule to fit to, I find that it can be so draining doing the same 5 things every day.

Find a spot that you love, go there and just enjoy the feeling of being free. Go with a loved one, a friend or go alone. Spend time with the people who care for you the most, and that includes yourself!

3) Declutter