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Black Lives Matter.

I've been needing to write something on this topic or something on race more widely for a while. I guess I've never known how to or why it's necessary for me to express my opinion on race. My voice doesn't matter, it shouldn't be as loud as other peoples on this subject.

With what we've all seen over the last week, I can't not speak up.

'We are not the same as America.' - I'm not sure how proudly I can say that. Maybe we're not as 'bad', because let's be honest the fact that anyone is dying because of the colour of their skin is disgraceful. Maybe we're just not as loud.

Viewing yourself as not part of the problem has got to stop. Whether you think the UK is or isn't 'as bad as America'. I'm confused as to when this became a competition. There is a problem, a real problem. People are dying GLOBALLY, in every social area and context because of their race, heritage or the colour of their skin.

Whatever your background, skin colour, gender or anything. Please take some time to read, listen and support the black community.



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Black History and Activism

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Republicans against Trump

Black Feminism

John Boyega

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James Corden

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BLM - how to help

Google Docs - how to help

How to support black-owned businesses

I'm sure there are many, many more than this short list. Please, educate yourself.

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