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Dear Daisy; A letter to Heaven

Dear Daisy,

Yesterday would have been your 5th birthday. It's hard to know even where to start with this. There's so many emotions rushing through me, yet at the same time all I feel is numb. It's hard to explain the way baby loss feels. You remember everything.

I remember the pure happiness we felt the day Mum told us all she was pregnant with you. I remember the early spotting warnings. I remember the 12 week scan where we were told there was something not quite right.

A week later we had the full results. I remember the deafening cries of our Mum. I remember the day you died as if it was yesterday.

Now, 5 years on, I feel content, and sad still of course. Losing you wasn't easy for sure, but I feel content knowing you are in peace. You are where you're meant to be.

Your body was never destined for this Earth, but your memory is. I remember everything, that is why we remember you.

We talk about you. We write about you. We celebrate you. All because we love you. You are part of us, whether in Heaven or on earth.

Daisy; the sister I had, but never had, yet will have forever.

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