5 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home!

Over the course of this year, I have been seriously looking at the amount of waste I produce and how to limit that. Here are my 5 favourite products that have not only reduced what I throw away but are also kind of life-changing.

Menstrual cups!

The biggest, and most effective, swap for me has been the switch from using disposable sanitary product such as tampons and pads to now using a menstrual cup. I started using my cup about 2 and a half years ago now and I would never go back! There are so many benefits from using a cup, including limiting waste!

On average women will use over 240 tampons alone a year, that's without considering pads. A cup can last on average between 5 - 8 years, so you can imagine the number of tampons you'd be throwing away in that time!

If you're considering switching to a menstrual cup, you can read more about them here.

Non-plastic razors

Earlier this month I purchased an Estrid razor after seeing it advertised on Instagram. Although I'm not usually one to be drawn into Instagram advertising, there was something drawing me into this product and I am so happy I bought one!

Estrid doing amazingly well to make their whole brand eco-friendly with the steel handle, recyclable packaging and 100% vegan products. They also work closely with a number of women's rights charities including the Fawcett Society, with a proportion of every sale being donated.

If all of that doesn't sell you, I can tell you that this razor is life-changing. It is the nicest, smoothest shaving product I have used to date.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

I'd been debating using both shampoo and conditioner bars for a while, I finally used up the last of my bottled products to buy some! Out of all the changes, this has probably been the one I've struggled with the most. If you have a decent amount of hair, like me, it can sometimes feel like you've missed parts of your hair, especially in the beginning! It took me a while to train myself to use these products, and wash my hair sufficiently with them.

Now we've got past that issue I really don't see a difference in bars compared to bottles, and wouldn't change back. I would argue they're slightly cheaper as well (depending on what brands you'd usually buy). I get mine from Lush and they generally last longer than bottles would!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Last year I cut out the plastic and started using bamboo toothbrushes, which has been the easiest swap! I think a lot of the time when we buy products we often don't think about what they're made of or where they come from. That was definitely the case here. I guess when we think it's 'just' one plastic toothbrush, but when we put that into the perspective of 98% of the Earth also throwing away plastic toothbrushes, it adds up.

I will note, annoyingly the first bamboo toothbrush I purchased came in a plastic wrapper. Now I use the Colgate one, which I got from Tescos, that comes in fully recyclable packaging so it is definitely worth shopping around! These are definitely something I will continue to purchase as there is so little difference to a plastic toothbrush! For me, this does exactly what it's meant to, with bonuses!

Reusable cotton pads

This is my newest change! I purchased reusable cotton pads or more like big(ish), circular, microfiber towels, a few weeks ago and I wouldn't change now! Again, these do the job perfectly! If anything I would say they are actually more effective than cotton pads as they're ever so slightly 'rougher'. They are not by any means rough, but they feel like they clean my skin well.

While I think we all need to be doing more than these very simple swaps, these are a great place to start! Even if you aren't considering making any of these changes, then hopefully this advises you to be aware of where your money is going. Not only is this general practice going to save your pocket, but it will also help our planet!

Katie x

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