New Years Resolutions?

Who else makes New Years Resolutions and ends up breaking them by February?

This year I'm trying to make more realistic ones, unlike telling myself I'm never going to eat chocolate again because lets be honest we know that won't happen. So in 2019 I am focusing on how I feel! Not how I look, or think I should look or how much I weigh.

1. SELF LOVE. This means making sure my body and mind feels good, in whatever physically state that may be. I do need to stop eating dairy though, oops.

2. SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO CARE AND FORGET PEOPLE WHO DON'T. Too much of 2018 was spend attempting to fit in or rekindle old relationships. In 2019 I want to spend my time and effort with people who have always cared.

3. CONFIDENCE. In 2019 I want to be confident in what ever way that comes. I want feel happy even in my darkest moments whilst still allowing myself to sometimes feel rubbish.

I wish everyone happiness throughout 2019.